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Chicos y Chicas! If you fancy a trot around the globe during your lunch break pop in to our new LA Soulfood restaurant to try traditional tastes from Central America merged with Asian flavours backed by seriously hot latin music.

Juanito’s menu for 35 Drury street is an exciting new approach to blend flavours of different cultures from around the world. Our dishes are healthy, fresh, vibrant and tasty. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a quick bite for breakfast lunch or dinner or anytime in between. We’ve got you covered! In a rush? We even pack it up for you with as much love as your Mam packed your lunch boxes back in the day. The new favourites include the roasted duck bao bun, Vietnamese chicken & Vegan tofu rice wraps, salted caramel & baileys chocolate cheesecake & our quinoa prawn mango sushi. Our signature coffee is ‘Pura Vida’ Pura Vida means ‘simple life’ or ‘pure life’ but its more than just a saying, it’s a way of life. Costa Ricans use this term to say hello, goodbye and to say everything’s great.


Are you looking for a casusal location for hosting your event? At Juanitos, we can cater for your party, bringing LA style to Dublin. Looking for something custom? Then we can create your bespoke event here


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    35 Drury Street, Dublin 2 – Tel: 087 716 8731